What does Kevin Bacon have that other actors don’t? 
A great name, that’s for sure. 
But other than that, it's hard to say. 
Still, he’s been one of the busiest actors in the industry since forever.
They even say he’s the center of the Hollywood universe. * 
Blockbuster or B movie, leading role or cameo; 
Kevin Bacon doesn't have any pretentions; 
he just gets the job done.

We wanted our place to be the Kevin Bacon of bars. 
This means we make sure you have a good time, 
no matter who you are, or where you’re from. 
Whether it’s a morning coffee, an afternoon beer in the sun, or a proper cocktail; 
we get the job done 

Perhaps that’s nothing other great bars don’t have. 
But we don’t need to be all that special. 
We’re Kevin Bacon.